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On this first visit to our website, we would like you to register to get a user account. This free registration will facilitate us to offer you the best service. At present, registering with TrashinME will entitle you to choose two different categories. You can register in any one of the two categories which suites you the best, for free!


TrashinME is the arena which brings together the Trash removal service providers and those who are in need of the service. This category is absolutely for those who offer the trash removal and cleanup services. If you provide the service, we have the service seekers. You are in the correct side if you

  • Provide trash removal or disposal services
  • Own a junk removal company
  • Remove any kind of trash
  • Provide debris clean up or removal
  • Perform snow removal
  • Remove or clean up any kind of waste
  • Provide trash can distribution
  • Run garbage trucks through a particular area

  • Provide hazardous waste disposal as per Government norms

Industries or Individuals or social communities who need trash removal help are invited to this category. Do you need to get your junk removed? Are you not sure where to ring up to get the right service at a better rate? We will help you to find the right service provider if you are,

  • Too busy to clean out your garage or basement.

  • Having debris piled up in your area

  • In need to haul the trash every week or day

  • Willing to haul good items to charity

  • Running an industry that produces waste that has to be removed as per government norms.
  • Needing disposal help for renovations and new constructions.

  • Experiencing problems with a snow covered driveway.

  • Having problems with pet waste removal

  • Needed to know the schedule of garbage truck service in your area.

No more searching for phone numbers of garbage removers or waiting in phone for long hours to get a trash removal service. All you have to do is to “Register” in TrashinME and start moving your trash!

How long will it take for registration?
We here at TrashinME value your time the most. Hence registration will not eat up much of your time and we require only minimum info about you and then you are all set to move on in seconds!