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TrashinME is absolutely for those who want to remove anything, from old household furniture to renovation debris, and is the most wanted portal for the Trash hauling companies.
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When trash matters! Welcome to TrashinME,

Who we are:
TrashinME is the offspring of recycleinme, which is a platform for trash removal companies and those who are in need for trash removal services.

TrashinME is for:
Industries and Individuals who:

  • Needs a contract with a trash hauler to have trash picked up.
  • Needs to clean out their old attic.
  • Needs disposal help for renovations and new constructions.
  • Needs to clean out move in/ move out trash.
  • Wants to remove debris of a flood or fire damage.
  • Have problems removing hazardous waste according to government norms.
  • Too busy on weekdays to clean out your garage or basement.
  • Clear the snow covered driveway.

Trash removal or collection companies who are:
  • Looking for trash sources.
  • Looking for locations to be serviced.
  • Offering collection of trash on contract basis.
  • Removing hazardous waste according to government norms.
  • Resource recovery agencies.
  • Clearing the thrash for an affordable price.
  • Performing snow removal services.

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